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Digital, Technology, and Data

Digital Transformation, Technology Solutions.

Our digital, technology, and data capability specialise in transforming businesses through technology and data-driven strategies. In addition to enterprise architecture and technology consulting, our comprehensive suite of services includes the establishment and enhancement of Software Factory solutions. This empowers businesses to harness the power of technology, optimise digital landscapes, and leverage data for strategic advantage while crafting world-class products and software.



Enterprise Architecture
Designing Tomorrow's Foundations Today.

With Black by Blue's enterprise architecture service, we align your business goals with IT strategies. Our experts optimise your systems, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your objectives. We craft robust architectures that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and lay the groundwork for future scalability and innovation.


Technology Consulting
Innovate with Insight.

Black by Blue's technology consulting service offers a comprehensive evaluation of technological landscapes. We scrutinise emerging trends, assess existing systems, and provide unbiased insights. Our goal is to equip your business with the knowledge and strategies needed to leverage technology effectively, driving innovation and competitive advantage.


Software Factory
Empowering engineering with enterprise solutions.

With Black by Blue's Software Factory service, we specialise in establishing and enhancing your software factory. Our focus is on enterprise-level solutions, ensuring reliability, scalability, and alignment with your business needs. Leveraging leading IT solutions, DevOps practices, CI/CD, and cloud technologies, we craft a robust toolchain for your software development. This includes source code management, build automation, binary management, static application security testing, software composition analysis, project and access management, software testing, monitoring, and logging. Our expertise aims to deliver a reliable and scalable foundation that meets your business objectives and ensure a competitive edge in the market.


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